Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Course Description

There are 3 (Three) fully equipped dental units with a central supply of compressed air and central suction vacuum in out patients department. This department has indoor unit with more than 20 beds for non-paying patients and 10 cabins for paying patients.

Average number of patients treated per month: 300

The following treatments are being given by the department :

  1. Simple Extraction of the tooth.
  2. Surgical extraction of impacted tooth.
  3. Surgical endodontic such as Apiacctomy;  Retrograde Root Filling, Hemisection of tooth.
  4. Cellulitis, osteomyelities, Abscess and other oro-facial infection.
  5. Fracture of facial bones and soft tissue injury.
  6. Tumours and cysts of oro-facial region.
  7. Temporo-Mandibular joint disorders.
  8. Oral Cancer & Pre canceraus lesions.
  9. Cleft lip & palate.
  10. Diseases of salivary glands.
  11. Maxillary sinus disorders.
  12. Neurological disorders.